Thermo Plastic Elastomer
Thermo Plastic Elastomer

THERMO PLASTIC ELASTOMER (TPE) are a unique class of engineering materials combining the look, feel and elasticity of conventional thermoset rubber with the processing efficiency of plastics.  Due to TPEs are thermoplastics, their melt-processability make them very suitable for high volume injection molding and extrusion.  They can also be reclaimed and recycled.  As elastomers, TPEs exhibit true elasticity.  Our range of grades encompasses rubberlike properties and offer a wide range of durometers, low compression set, and high elongation.

  •  Standard (Injection,  Extrusion)  
  • Handgrip, Hammer
  • Pen Grip, Toy
  • Sports Equipment, etc
  • 600 series - Transparent
  • Pen Grip, Decorative Used, etc
  • HC/HN series - Bonding
  • Computer Casing Parts, PDA casing, etc
  • HT series - High Heat
  • Seal, Belt, Goggles, etc
  • HV series - New Grade
  • Weather Strip, etc



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